Corban University Baseball Preview

Through this blog my team and I have been able to write about a lot of great baseball related subjects. Most have been stories that are for the national and at times the international audience of baseball fans. These posts include stories about current major leaguers, the Hall of Fame, interviews with individuals connected to baseball in a lot of different ways. However, I also like to focus on local baseball. I believe that it is important to promote baseball in my region in large part because of the ties I have.Today’s college baseball preview is centered on a school that I have a lot of ties to. Both my wife and I graduated from Corban University, I currently work at Corban, and I’ve been able to interview a few players from Corban (one of the interviews comes out Friday).

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5 Good Questions with Norm: Jon Davis

5 Good Questions with Norm: Jon Davis

Jon, thanks for taking some time.

Thanks for having me.

Please tell us more about yourself.

My name is Jon Davis. I live in McMinnville, Oregon and graduated in 2006 from McMinnville High School. I grew up playing baseball throughout my whole childhood with the McMinnville Parks and Recreation and also played my senior year for Mac High. Baseball is a huge passion of mine.

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Jackie Robinson: A True American Hero

A common ice breaker question I have heard over and over again is ‘if you could meet anyone in history who would it be and why?’  Instantly my mind goes to men like Abraham Lincoln, Joshua (from the Bible and whom I’m named after), and Martin Luther King Jr.  For me though, I like to take that question even one step farther and answer with what people in baseball history would I most like to meet and instantly one name stands out above the rest, Jackie Robinson.

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